Introducing Fall 2021

by Sheba Hourizadeh

Fall 2021 Preview

The Luchiano Visconti Signature Collection features the eclectic, bold styles that are the cornerstone of the Luchiano Visconti brand. This year’s collection takes inspiration from colorful, contemporary art and unique patterns found in nature. The signature collection boasts natural stretch and satin finishing. Each shirt includes a matching mask.

Inspired by Art

Inspired by Nature

This year's Fall 2021 collection takes inspiration from iconic artists from around the world. We brought the unique feel of a Picasso or Pollock painting to your very own shirt, so you can let your inner artist shine in more than one way.

Fall 2021 also draws inspiration from unique patterns found in nature. Celebrate the beauty of the everyday world and appreciate the little things in life. From leaves to flowers, our world is bursting with beauty--wear it proudly!

The Updated Traditional Collection is your source for all the finest Italian fabric. 

The Updated Traditional collection features exclusive fabrics produced and made from Italy. We curated this collection so you can stay on trend and keep the classy, mature look you expect from Luchiano Visconti. This Fall's collection is filled with deep reds, blues and purples to complete your winter wardrobe. 



Luchiano Visconti's new line of outerwear includes vests, jackets and hoodies. Cool enough to get drinks with the guys but classy enough to bring out on date night. Never undress again with so many options to choose from, there is something for all.


Athleisure is the new business casual. Work from home has accelerated the growth of comfortable, all-occasion wear. Dress up by pairing with a button-down or dress down by pairing with a T-shirt. Go straight from your morning zoom meeting to the couch.